Center on Halsted

Chicago Aids Foundation

Chicago Gay Men's Chorus

Chicago Rowing Union

ChiGayGo at The Laugh Factory

Dining Out For Life

Diversity events at Steppenwolf Theatre and Goodman Theatre

Dot429, local networking event

Easy Abby, lesbian web series

Equality Illinois

Fred Says (works with HIV & Teens)

Illinois Safe Schools Alliance

Legacy Project and Legacy Walk

Lesbian Community Cares Project at Howard Brown

Pride Films & Plays

Sweetie Maud, LGBTQ non-profit theatre presentation



in your community

Our roots are in Chicago but our cause has relevance all over the world. Wherever you find Halsted Vodka on sale, we will be working to ensure that donations from local purchases find their way to good causes in the local community.


We support LGBTQ community building and human rights. If you have suggestions for recipients, please feel free to contact us.

Halsted is a neighborhood on Chicago's North Side famous for its acceptance and sense of community. Halsted Vodka was created in that same spirit. We give back fifteen per cent of our profits to your local LGBTQ community.


The above photograph captures the proud moment of our first donation, made to Legacy Project Chicago, assisting their efforts to raise awareness of gay history.

the community spirit